Sunday, October 2, 2011

Radiology Design Commission for GE Optima CT660 Awarded to Architecture for Radiology

Architecture for Radiology (the only architecture firm in the world focused exclusively on radiology design and construction) has been selected to design a CT Room Design project in Manhattan.

The project includes the design and construction of a CT suite for the new GE Optima CT660.

Architecture for Radiology has been on the forefront of radiology design, including CT room design, since the firm’s founding. The GE Optima CT660 is a state of the art CT, with very high resolutions, advantages for use in many specialties (such as cardiology, oncology), and state of the art radiation reduction.

The project is part of a larger, multi-modality radiology center, also designed by Architecture for Radiology.

About Architecture for Radiology, LLP:

Founded in 1996, the firm specializes exclusively in radiology design and construction. The firm is highly experienced with state-of-the-art radiology practice including leading edge equipment, planning strategies, and PACs implementation. AFR is experienced with all modalities, and with all of the major radiology equipment manufacturers. To focus on one modality, as an example, experience with MRI suite design includes the following: (5) 3.0T MRI suites within the last five years, one of the few 7.0T MRI suites in the entire world, and over (20) 1.5T MRI suites over the last 18 years. The firm’s radiology work has been published extensively --- see section below on Radiology Publications.

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