Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reading Room Design Article Features the Work of Architecture for Radiology


Architecture for Radiology (the only architecture firm in the world focused exclusively on radiology design and construction) is pleased to announce that its radiology design work has been featured in a new article on the subject of reading room design.

The article is entitled “Illuminating Reading Room Design for Better Reading Strategies”. It was written by Justine Cadet, and published in the December 2008 issue of Health Imaging & IT Magazine.

The article addresses a number of key design parameters for reading room design, and would be a good introduction to the subject for radiologists, radiology administrators and/or radiology consultants involved in radiology room design, including the planning and design of reading rooms.

Amongst the topics covered in the article are: workflow within the reading environment, lighting; acoustics; HVAC; privacy vs. collaboration, ergonomics; standardization vs. customization, and design materials and colors.

Architecture for Radiology’s well-known radiology room design principal - William N. Bernstein, AIA – is quoted extensively in the article.

About Architecture for Radiology, LLP:

Founded in 1996, this architecture design firm specializes exclusively in radiology design and construction. The firm is highly experienced with state-of-the-art radiology practice including leading edge equipment, planning strategies, and PACs implementation. AFR is experienced with all modalities, and with all of the major radiology equipment manufacturers. The firm is a well-known consultant in radiology design, radiology planning, radiology room design, ct room design, mri room design, nuclear medicine room design, cat scan room design, mammography room design and linear accelerator room design. The firm’s radiology work has been published extensively.

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